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Arrasar Posted by on Jan 18, 2011 in Vocabulary

Last week, we took a look at the adjective arrasado. This week, we’re going to look at the verb arrasar, which has a few similar negative meanings, and a few very different positive connotations.

1. Destroy, devastate (literally or emotionally)

As chuvas arrasaram a Região Serrana do Rio. The rains devastated Rio’s mountain region.

A namorada arrasou o garoto quando acabou o namoro. The girlfriend destroyed the boy when she ended the relationship.

2. Raze, tear down

O incêndio arrasou o prédio velho. The fire razed the old building.

3. Criticize, trash [slang]

O Ricky Gervais arrasou com os convidados durante os Prêmios Globo de Ouro. Ricky Gervais trashed the guests at the Golden Globe Awards.

O blogueiro sempre arrasa com os outros. The blogger always trash talks others.

4. Go for it! Kick some butt! [Slang]

Vai competir hoje? Arrasa, menina! Are you competing today? Kick some butt, girl!

Seu encontro é amanhã? Arrasa! Is your date tomorrow? Go for it!

5. Well done! [Slang]

Boa ideia! Arrasou! Good idea! Well done.

6. Do a great job; look great [Slang]

Você arrasou na apresentação! You did great at the performance!

A modelo arrasou no show. The model looked great during the show.

Note: the last three slang phrases are more commonly used by women.

Can you give some more examples of how to use arrasar?

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