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Arrasado Posted by on Jan 11, 2011 in Learning, Vocabulary

There are some words in Portuguese that have multiple meanings, but their most literal meanings relate to their other meanings. Arrasado is such a word, and it’s a helpful adjective to know. Let’s take a look at the different uses and some examples.

1. Demolished, crushed, knocked down

O prédio foi arrasado durante o terremoto. The building was knocked down during the earthquake.

2. Devastated (emotionally), grief-stricken

Estamos arrasados com a morte do nosso querido amigo. We’re devastated by our beloved friend’s death.

Ela ficou arrasada quando perdeu a casa. She was devastated when she lost her house.

3. Destroyed

O sonho da bailarina foi arrasado depois do acidente. The dancer’s dreams were destroyed after the accident.

O país pequeno irá ser arrasado pelo furacão. The small country will be destroyed by the hurricane.

4. Badly defeated

O jogador de tênis foi arrasado durante o torneio. The tennis player was destroyed [defeated] during the tournament.

Nosso time foi arrasado. Our team was destroyed [defeated].

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