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Bora and Embora Posted by on Mar 3, 2011 in Learning

Embora is a very helpful word for everyday use in Portuguese, and bora is a nice slangy expression that comes from it, one that will make you sound like much more of a native speaker. Let’s take a look at how they are used, and then to practice. Try writing a sentence of your own in the comments!

1. Ir embora – to leave / to go

Vou embora amanhã de manhã. I’m leaving tomorrow morning.

Vamos embora, gente! Come on guys, let’s go!

Já tem que ir embora? Do you have to leave already?

2. Embora – = although / though [when used in this context, it must be accompanied by the subjunctive]

Embora ele seja americano, ela fala muito bem o português. Though he’s American, he speaks Portuguese very well.

Eu não comi muito, embora estivesse com muita fome. I didn’t eat very much, although I was very hungry.

Embora eles tenham muito talento, faltam disciplina. Though they’re quite talented, they lack discipline.

3. Bora – let’s go / wanna go? [This is a slangy way to say “Let’s go/leave” or if paired with a question mark, a way of asking someone to go]

Bora galera! Let’s go, guys!

A festa será no sábado. Bora? The party’s on Saturday. Wanna go?

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  1. Federico:

    Embora eu lea portugues cada dia, nao falo muito ainda.