Brazil at the 2012 London Olympics Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Sports

How did Brazilian athletes fare at the London Olympics? During the games, Brazilians won 17 medals. Here’s the breakdown of how they did–in Portuguese, of course! 

Ouro (Gold)

-Ginástica artística masculina (Men’s gymnastics)

-Judô feminino (Women’s judo)

-Vôlei feminino (Women’s volleyball)

Prata (Silver)

-Boxe masculino (Men’s boxing)

-Futebol profissional (Football/soccer)

-Natação masculino (Men’s swimming)

-Vôlei masculino (Men’s volleyball)

-Vôlei de praia masculino (Men’s beach volleyball)

Bronze (bronze) 

-Boxe feminino (Women’s boxing)

-Boxe masculino (Men’s boxing)

-Judô masculino (Men’s judo)

-Judô feminino (Women’s judo)

-Judô masculino (Men’s judo)

-Natação masculino (Men’s swimming)

-Pentatlo moderno feminino (Women’s modern pentathlon)

-Vela masculino (Men’s sailing)

-Vôlei de praia feminino (Women’s beach volleyball)

And now, the next summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro! Brazil isn’t just preparing to host the games, but also hopes to win even more medals in 2016.

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