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Let’s improve your Portuguese skills in 2019! Posted by on Jan 22, 2019

Olá, pessoal! Hello, everyone! Como está o janeiro de vocês? How is your January going? Last post we took a look back at the year 2018 with a retrospective. But how about we focus on the future now and discuss your Portuguese learning aims for 2019? Today I thought it could be a good idea…

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Portuguese listening/reading practice – Receita de ano novo Posted by on Dec 31, 2017

[Prática de escuta e leitura em Português] Feliz ano novo a todos! Happy New Year’s, everyone! Since it is our last post of the year, our listening and reading practice of the mês (month) is going to be a special one: a New Year’s poema (poem) by the celebrated modernist poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade (1902-1987)…

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[Brazilian literature] – Paulo Coelho Posted by on Dec 15, 2017

E aí, gente? What’s up, guys? Leram muitos livros esse ano? Have you read many books this year? As we have previously mentioned on this series, reading texts in another language is a fundamental tool for improving our vocabulary and comprehension skills. Novels can be a fun and engaging way to do so. Today’s post…

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[Brazilian literature] – Brasil: Uma biografia Posted by on Oct 7, 2017

Biographies are, by definition, a literary genre that aims to provide a person’s life history, describing their experience, main events and relationships in detail. In Brasil: Uma biografia (Brazil: a biography) by scholars Lilian Schwarcz and Heloisa Starling, though the approach is the same, there is a little twist to it: the protagonist is our…

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[Portuguese listening/reading practice] – Ruídos Posted by on Jun 26, 2017

[Atividade de escuta e leitura em Português] Ei, galera! Hey guys! Today is another installment of our series Portuguese listening and reading practice, with the text “Ruídos” (Noises), again by the notorious Brazilian author Luís Fernando Veríssimo, taken from his book O mundo é bárbaro (The World is Barbaric). It is a short story about the…

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[Portuguese listening/reading practice] – O primeiro dia Posted by on May 31, 2017

[Atividade de escuta e leitura em Português] Olá, galera! Hey, you guys! Today we are going to practice some listening and reading skills. We are going over the text “O Primeiro Dia” (The First Day) extracted from the short story collection Comédias Brasileiras de Verão (Brazilian Summer Comedies) by beloved Brazilian author and comedian Luís Fernando…

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Bilingual books Posted by on May 19, 2017

[Livros Bilíngues] Ei pessoal! Hey, guys! Reading texts in a língua estrangeira (foreign language) is a great exercise to reach fluency. Therefore, literature has a significant role in this sense, because it ajuda (helps) in the process of acquiring vocabulary and it develops habilidades de leitura (reading skills). For some, reading livros (books) in a…

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