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Ways to boost your Portuguese over the quarantine Posted by on Mar 24, 2020 in Brazilian News, Culture, Learning, Literature, Video, Vocabulary

Olá a todos. Hi everyone. Our previous post went over some dicas de prevenção (prevention tips) to help people stay seguras (safe) during these disruptive coronavirus days. As most coutries have been stepping up restrictions to manage the outbreak and curb the propagação (spread) of the doença (disease). One of these measures include declaring quarantine and demanding that people fiquem em casa (stay home) as much as possible and avoid going out unless strictly necessary. What is the situation like where you mora (live) right now?

Trabalhar de casa – Working from home (Picture from PickPik)

Well, self-isolation can surely bring an impact on our vidas pessoas (personal lives) and saúde mental (mental health), but planning well and keeping ocupado (busy) is essential to making the most out of this lockdown period. This is why today’s post will compile a wide range of resources and self-learning tools to ajudar (help) you guys stay in touch with Portuguese language and practice your skills without having to leave the comfort – and safety – of your casas (homes).


  • Catching up on your leitura (reading) is a quarantine favorite. Better yet if you can download e-books de graça (for free) on your devices at Amazon. Their selection include Brazilian literary classics, other genres like self-help and even famous works like Shakespeare or Jonathan Swift, all in Portuguese. Check them out here:



  • Podcast have become increasingly more popular over the past few years, and I bet now even more so since people are all ficando em casa (staying in) for the time being and can stay tuned while doing tarefas (chores). But what to escolher (choose)? Well, if you want to brush up on your listening skills while keeping up with the latest notícias (news), here are some dicas (tips) of episodes that you can either download to your phone or escutar (listen) on Spotify:




  • So how about taking a step beyond aprender idiomas (language learning) and actually finding something that interests you in a different area or maybe even in your own field of expertise? The list below focuses on a variety of online lessons, all free of charge, that cover multiple habilidades (skills), from exploring your creative streak with an art class to learning basic business terms, all ensinadas (taught) in Portuguese. What better way to learn a language than in a realistic context, after all?




E vocês, como tem lidado? How have you been coping? Are there any tips you would like to compartilhar (share) with us? Make sure to write about them in the comment section below! Se cuidem. Take care.

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  1. Susan Howard:

    Here are some of my ideas:
    – Find an online tandem language partner and set up a Zoom or Google Meet to speak Portuguese. Remember to be safe online!
    – Read a book in Portuguese that you know well in English; having familiarity makes it easier to understand. Better yet if you have the English version to compare.
    – Explore news sites, blogs, etc. on the Internet. It may be especially interesting to find resources that coincide with your hobbies or line of work so you can develop vocabulary about your everyday activities.
    – Listen to radio stations from Brazil for free over the Internet. There are hundreds to choose from.
    – Watch news programs, telenovelas, sports, or how-to videos on YouTube in Portuguese. If you are a beginner, look for Portuguese children’s programs, which feature a lot of repetition and simpler language. Try searching “brasil crianças” to get some ideas.
    – Try to get a hold of some Brazilian children’s comic books such as Disney, Mónica, Zé Carioca, etc. Having simple pictures to associate with the text make it easier to understand, and a lot of fun too. You can also be exposed to more casual language as the comics are almost entirely dialogue.
    – If you are a Christian, it is easy to find an abundance of religious material such as readings of the Bible, interpretation of Scripture, etc. in Portguese.

    • carol:

      @Susan Howard Hey Susan!
      Those are truly amazing tips, thank you for sharing. I will take note of them and make sure to include next time around!
      Keep it up and thanks for reading our blog.

  2. krystal:

    Eu estou aprendendam Portugues por Busuu. Eu apenas comencadei dois semana passado. Equanto pesquisando online sobre como usar a e ha, eu encontrei este blog dele. Desculpe, meu keyboard nao pode digitando o letter accents haha! Minha Portugues habilidades esta okay? Voce pode entende eu estou que dizer? haha

    • carol:

      @krystal Olá, Krystal, que bom saber que você está aprendendo português!
      Estou muito admirada com as suas habilidades, você está indo muito bem. Continue assim 😀