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Dating in Portuguese Posted by on Jun 14, 2015 in Culture, Vocabulary

Olá pessoal! Portuguese has many unique phrases and here are some phrases for dating:

Namorar This is “to date.” Namorado/a is boyfriend/girlfriend. This is pretty clear in Portuguese. Noivo/a would be fiancé/fiancée. Marido/esposa is husband/wife.

Apaixonar This is the step between gostar (to like) and amar (to love). It basically is the act of falling in love with someone and the stage in a relationship where you really adore your significant other. You say estou apaixonado/a.

Amar This verb is “to love” and is stronger than gostar or apaixonar. You say eu te amo or eu amo você.

Beijar This is “to kiss.” Beijo is a kiss. Many Brazilians use beijo when they end a conversation or a message. For example: Muito obrigada pela ajuda. Vou te ver amanhã. Beijos. (Thanks for the help. I’ll see you tomorrow. Kisses.)

Abraçar This is the act of hugging. A hug is um abraço. Like beijos, Brazilians often use this to end a conversation and will add abraços to it.

Lindo/a Calling someone lindo or linda is a common compliment. It means handsome or beautiful.

Also, yesterday June 12th, was Dia dos Namorados in Brazil. It’s the equivalent of Valentine’s Day.

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