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Asking for directions in Portuguese Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Culture, Geography, Learning, Vocabulary

You can be a tourist in Brazil or a resident, either way there will come a time when you will have to ask for direction. So here are some tips and useful vocabulary:

There is a great way you can practice it: every time you go out by yourself, even if you know where the place you are going is, ask for directions on the street anyway. Because you already know where you are going, it will be easier to understand and practice your vocabulary, especially because you will be more relaxed.

Another way of practicing it is using Google maps to try and explain to yourself (out loud), how to get to some place of your choosing. If you have a friend to help you out it is even better.

Photo by Ram Karthik

Photo by Ram Karthik

How to ask for direction

  • Com licença, você pode me informar onde é o Bar do Antônio? – Excuse me, do you know where Bar do Antônio is?
  • Você sabe onde fica o Bar do Antônio? / Você sabe onde é o Bar do Antônio? – Do you know where Bar do Antônio is?
  • Como eu chego no Shopping Cidade? – How do I get to Shopping Cidade?
  • Dá para ir andando? – Is it within walking distance?
  • É muito longe? – Is it far from here?
  • Qual é a distância? – How far is it?
  • Qual ônibus eu devo pegar? Onde? – Which bus should I take? Where?
  • Em que ponto eu desço? – Where do I get off?


How to give/understand directions

  1. Siga em frente… – Go straight head…
  • …até o (primeiro, segundo, terceiro) sinal/semáforo – until the (first, second, third) traffic light
  • …até a rua Carvalhais de Paiva – until Carvalhais de Paiva street
  • …até a padaria – until the bakery
  • …até a farmácia – until the pharmacy
  • …por (um, dois, três) quarteirões – for (one, two, three) blocks


  1. Vire… – turn…
  • …à (primeira, segunda, terceira) direita – right on the (first, second, third) street
  • …à (primeira, segunda, terceira) esquerda – left on the (first, second, third) street
  • …na rua Carvalhais de Paiva – on Carvalhais de Paiva street
  • …na padaria – at the bakery
  • …no sinal/semáforo – at the traffic light
  • …no (primeiro, segundo, terceiro) quarteirão – on the (first, second, third) block
  • …depois da escola – after the school
  • …antes da delegacia de polícia – before the police station


  1. atravesse… – cross…
  • … a rua – the street
  • … a ponte – the bridge
  • …o rio – the river


  1. O bar do Antônio fica… – Bar do Antônio will be…
  • …ao lado direto – on the right side
  • …ao lado esquerdo – on the left side
  • …ao lado da farmácia – beside the pharmacy
  • …ao lado dos correios – beside the post office

Lembre-se de sempre atravessar a rua na faixa de pedestre e esperar sinal de pedestre ficar verde. – Remember to always cross the street on the pedestrian crossing and wait for the pedestrian lights to turn green.

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