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Email – cover letter for jobs em Portugês Posted by on Dec 14, 2015 in Culture, Learning, Vocabulary

Writing any type of text in another language is hard enough, but sometimes you can get away with a few mistakes when it is not a formal situation. However, when it comes to writing a cover letter or an email for a vaga de emprego (job opening), it is essential that you know how and what to write. So here are a few ideas, tips and vocabulary that will help you write your formal email for a job.


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  1. O assunto (the subject) – make sure you are clear and direct:
  • Candidato à vaga de professor de inglês (candidate for the position of English teacher)
  • Curriculum Vitae para a vaga de TI (résumé for the IT position)
  • John Connor – candidato à vaga de recepcionista (John Connor – candidate to the position of receptionist)

Sometimes the company will post a code for the job you are applying for, in this case they will tell you what they want the subject to be, for example some numbers + your name:

  • RECEP7765 – John Connor


  1. Introdução (introduction)
  • When you know the name of the person you are sending the email to:

Sr. Antônio da Silva (Mr. Antônio da Silva)

Sra. Vitória Celeste (Ms. Vitória Celeste)


  • When you know they are either a doctor, a lawyer or if they have a PhD:

Dr. Antônio da Silva

Dra. Vitória Celeste


  • When you know whether it is man or a woman but you do not know the name

Prezado senhor

Prezada senhora


  • When you do not know if you a dealing with a male or female:

Prezados senhores


  1. Como começar (how to start it) – always begin telling them why you are writing the email:
  • Estou escrevendo para me candidatar ao cargo de professor de inglês oferecido pela [nome da escola/empresa] (I am writing to apply for the position of English teacher offered by [name of the school/company)


  1. O corpo do email (the body of the email)

Talk about yourself and your qualifications, be concise and direct. Long texts are usually not read fully, so stick to the main points. Some useful sentences to use:

  • Penso que eu seria a escolha certa para fazer parte do time da/do [nome da empresa] pois… (I believe I would be the right choice to become part of the [name of the company] team)
  • Tenho x anos de experiência nesta área (I have x years experience working in this área).
  • Já tive a oportunidade de trabalhar com/como… (I have had to opportunity working with/as)
  • Tenho verdadeira paixão por ensinar (I am truly passionate about teaching)
  • Acredito que trabalhar em equipe me faz crescer e prosperar (I believe working as a team makes me grow and prosper)


  1. Como terminar
  • Segue em anexo o meu currículo (find my résumé attached)
  • Agradeço desde já pela oportunidade (I thank you in advance for the opportunity)
  • Atenciosamente (Sincerely)


Example of full email:


Prezados senhores,

Estou escrevendo para me candidatar ao cargo de professor de Inglês oferecido pela Escola.

Possuo todas as qualificações necessárias como pode ser constatado no meu currículo, sou falante nativo de Inglês e possuo certificado no ensino da língua em questão. Tenho experiência no ensino de Inglês por quatro anos, lidando com idades variadas, de crianças a adolescentes e adultos.

Tenho verdadeira paixão por ensinar e acredito que o ambiente de trabalho que vocês oferecem me fará crescer ainda mais nesta área.

Segue em anexo o meu currículo.

Agradeço desde já pela oportunidade,

John Connor.

Telefone: 5555 5555


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing as to apply for the English teaching position offered by Escola.

I have all the necessary qualification, which can be seen on my résumé. I am a native English speaker and I have a certificate for teaching the language. I have four years experience teaching different age groups, from children to teenagers and adults.

I am passionate about teaching and I believe the environment your school provides will allow me to grow and progress even more.

Please find my résumé attached.

Thank you for this opportunity,

John Connor.

Phone number: 5555 5555


Espero que este post os ajude a conseguir o emprego que vocês querem. Boa sorte!

I hope this post will help you get the job you want. Good luck!

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