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I’m So Excited Posted by on Sep 26, 2011 in Learning

In Brazilian Portuguese, there are lots of words used to describe positive emotions or concepts. Today we’re going to learn how to express the sentiment of excitement.

1. Empolgar

This means to be excited or thrilled. You can also use the adjective empolgado, which means excited.

Fiquei empolgada com o novo iPhone, que parece muito legal. I was really excited about the new iPhone, which seems really cool.

Ela se empolgou com a viagem para o Brasil. She got really excited about the trip to Brazil.

2. Emocionado

This also means excited, and is used as an adjective.

Eles estão emocionados com o escritório renovado. They’re excited about the renovated office.

Estamos muito emocionados estar no Rock in Rio! We’re really excited to be at Rock in Rio!

3. Não vejo a hora

This means “I can’t wait.” You can also pair it with a verb to describe what you’re excited about.

Meu namorado chega a semana que vem. Não vejo a hora! My boyfriend gets here next week. I can’t wait!

Não vejo a hora de comprar meu própio carro. I can’t wait to buy my own car.

What are you excited about?

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