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Feel Better in Portuguese Posted by on Apr 5, 2011 in Learning

If you want to tell someone who is sick or injured to feel better, here are a few ways to do so.

1. Melhoras

This is the simplest way to tell someone to feel better, with just a single word.

Você está bem? – Are you ok?

Não, estou doente. – No, I’m sick.

Melhoras! – Feel better!

2. Melhoras para você

This is a similar way to tell someone get well, but just adding “for you” at the end.

Estou indo. Melhoras para você, querido! I’m leaving. Feel better, my dear!

3. Estimo melhoras

This is a bit of a more formal expression to tell someone to feel better, using the verb estimar. It also works to say Estimo as melhoras.

Ela está no hospital. She’s in the hospital.

Estimo melhoras. I hope she feels better.

4. Fique bem logo

This literally means, get better soon.

Fique bem logo, amiga! Espero te ver em breve. Feel better soon, friend! I hope to see you soon.

5. Recupere-se logo

This is a slightly more formal version of fique bem logo, which literally translates as “recuperate quickly.”

Tive um acidente e quebrei o braço. I had an accident and broke my arm.

Recupere-se logo! Get better soon!

There are even more variations on these phrases to wish someone well. Can you think of any?

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  1. Francis:

    Estimo melhoras: is that gender specific?