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He is Dead, lend me some Money? Posted by on Dec 13, 2013 in Video

E aí galera? What’s up, guys?

In today’s lesson, you guys will learn four ways to say: “He is dead”, and three ways to say: “Money”.

So let’s start with “He is dead”. The first slang to say that it is: Ele bateu as botas. This is one of the most common to say in here, but not when it is someone close to you or the person who you are talking to.

The second way to say “he is dead”, it is: Ele se foi. This one, it is literally the same of “He is gone”.

The Third way to say, it is: Ele está em um lugar melhor. And this one, it is literally “He is in a better place”.

And the last one it is: Ele não está mais entre nós. And this it is a subtler way to say “he is dead” for someone.

And now let’s see three ways to say “money”:

The first way, it is a old slang, that some people still use today, it is: Bufunfa. One way to use that in a phrase is: Quanta Bufunfa! = That it is a lot of money.

The second way to say “money” is Dindin. One example of how use that word it is: Você pode me dar um Dindin? = Can you give me some money?

And the last way to say “money” it is Grana. An example, using this word in a phrase it is: Você pode me emprestar uma Grana? = Can you lend me some Money?

So guys, that was today’s lesson, watch the video below, so you guys can see how to pronounce the words in portuguese. I hope you guys enjoy it and if you have any question about this lesson, feel free to ask me here. See you guys on my next lesson.


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