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How to Use Saber Posted by on Jul 8, 2010 in Learning

The verb saber (to know) is a useful verb because it can be used in several different contexts. Let’s take a look and learn how to use it.

1. to know

Sei onde fica o restaurante. I know where the restaurant is.

Ela não sabe muito sobre a música. She doesn’t know much about music.

Sabemos que falta muito tempo ainda. We know there’s still a lot of time let.

2. to know how

Sei fazer panqueca. I know how to make pancakes.

Ele não sabe nadar. He doesn’t know how to swim.

Sabem falar inglês. They know how to speak English.

3. to find out

Eu soube que ele foi preso. I found out that he was arrested.

Ficamos sabendo que o voo foi cancelado. We found out that the flight was canceled.

Já ficou sabendo sobre a festa? Did you hear/find out about about the party?

Tip: You can use the term “ficar sabendo” as a bit of a slangier way to say “find out.”

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  1. Danny:

    “Sabemos que falta muito tempo ainda”

    Why does “falta muito tempo” mean ‘to have time left’? I know the verb ‘faltar’ is to lack… I would have assumed that phrase meant “to not have much time left”.