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Humor video: Versão Brasileira Posted by on Apr 25, 2013 in Video

Hi, there!

One of my favorite days of the week are Mondays and Thursdays because a new Porta dos Fundos (backdoor) video comes out. Porta dos Fundos is a video production company that makes short humor videos for Youtube and they have become a hit in Brazil, with millions and millions of access.

They bring more a more realistic and even raunchy kind of humor and personally, it cracks me up! If you’re sentive to cuss words or strong vocabulary this is not the channel for you.

One of my favorite videos is “Versão Brasileira”. Movies and TV series are dubbed in Portuguese in major broadcast channels in Brazil and after the opening credits we would always listen to someone saying “Versão brasileira + the dubbing studio name”. So Porta dos Fundos decided to make a video making fun of dubbed movies because obviously they don’t sound natural and use expressions and intonations that we don’t usually use in everyday conversation.

They even have a very cool smartphone app!

So here’s the video with the English subtitles. If you feel like it, subscribe to their channel on Facebook and practice real Portuguese!

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  1. andreas:

    É um video muito divertido.
    Obrigado pelo blog

  2. Kamlesh M Gore:

    É um video muito divertido.
    Obrigado pelo blog