Listening Comprehension: Dog Psychology Posted by on Apr 27, 2011 in Learning

Fántastico is a Sunday news program on TV Globo that includes various lifestyle segments that are really helpful for those learning Portuguese. They have fairly simple language and use some basic vocabulary words. Today, we’ll take a look at a segment on dog psychology. Watch the video and see if you can answer the questions!


1. In English, we use the expression “walk the dog” to describe taking a dog out. What’s the word in Portuguese?

2. According to the experts, what kind of speech do dogs understand?

3. What prediction did the dog owners make about what their dog does during the day? Were they right?

4. What colors do dogs see, according to the video?

5. What are one of the reasons dogs like to lick people’s faces?

Answers after the jump


1. passear (com cachorro)

2. Basic commands and simple words they’re used to hearing (food, walk, etc), but not conversations or complex ideas

3. They said she sleeps a lot, and they were correct

4. Blues, yellows, and grays

5. Sometimes they can smell food on people’s breath and are attracted to the smell

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