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Listening Practice: Nutrition Posted by on Oct 12, 2010 in Learning

While searching for interesting videos in Portuguese, I came across this one, and I really liked how clearly and relatively slowly the presenters speak, which is especially useful for those learning a language. In this short TV segment from the Band channel, the speakers discuss nutrition, and recommend some natural foods.  They discuss some of the properties of various fruits, vegetables, and grains and how they can impact health.

Watch the video and try to answer the questions about nutrição (nutrition).



1. What are two types of nuts the nutritionist recommends?

2. What property do the recommended foods have?

3. Why does the nutritionist recommend oats?

4.  The nutritionist says there’s one important factor to staying healthy besides eating right. What is it?

Answers after the jump.


1. Brazil nut (Castanha-do-Pará, in Portuguese) and almonds

2. They help rejuvenate you and keep you looking young

3. They help strengthen the immune system to keep you from getting sick

4. Having a positive outlook; thinking good thoughts

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  1. Michele:

    Obrigada Rachel!

  2. carlos R. Barron:

    eu goste moto bom sobre nutrition eu trato de comer frutas agora menos carne. Perdon meo portuges no es bono pero no ten medo escribo.
    Carlos R. Barron no Milwaulee, Wisconsin.