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Listening Practice: São Paulo Graffiti Documentary Posted by on Aug 27, 2009 in Culture, Geography, Learning

Today, we’re going to do a listening comprehension activity with a great thirteen minute documentary on graffiti art in São Paulo. Watch the video clicking the link above (which has subtitles) and then take a look at the questions to see how well you picked up on vocabulary in the video.

Photo: Alexandre Orion (artist featured in the documentary)


1. What’s the word for “flashlight” in Portuguese?

2.  How does the artist say “I could go on forever” in Portuguese?

3.  There’s a shot of a graffiti painting with the message “Please don’t throw trash.” How is it written in Portuguese?

4. What’s the difference between the Portuguese words for “tunnel” and “tunnels?”

5. What’s the Portuguese word for “skull?”

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  1. Jenni:

    Great practice! Thanks

  2. Duane:

    After just watching the great documentary, I couldn’t get one question right even though I heard other common words that I’ve learned. Great exercise for practice though. Keep it coming!!

  3. Gina:

    Great video! Wonderful ‘removal’ graffiti. Thanks for the various language posts!

  4. Fabricio:

    eu vo tentar:
    1. ?
    2. eu posso continuar lentamente
    3. por favor nao jogge o lixo

  5. Fabricio:

    4. ?
    5. caveira