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LOL and Being Mad in Portuguese Slang Posted by on Oct 18, 2013 in Video

E aí galera? What’s up, guys?

Sorry that I’m late this week, but I’m in Rio de Janeiro, and it is difficult to film in here.

So today, I will teach you guys two slang:

The first it is: “De Saco Cheio”. 

This slang, you will use, when you are really mad with something and you can’t stand it anymore. Like: “I’m really mad with you” = “Estou de Saco Cheio de você”.

And our second slang today it is: “Rachando os Bico” or “Rachar os Bico”.

This is our LOL here. When someone it is telling you a story, or a joke and it is really funny and you say to him: “LOL”, here you say: “Tô (or “estou”) Rachando os Bico” or sometimes, you can only say “Tô Rachando” either.

So this guys, today it was a quick lesson, and sorry again, that I’m late. Watch the video below, so you guys can see how to pronounce the words in portuguese. I hope you guys enjoy it and if you have any question about this lesson, feel free to ask me here.

See you guys on my next post.


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  1. Aryel Lanes:

    Nice blog, Leandro! Congrats! 🙂

    I didn’t know the second one (rachar o bico). It must be a regional slang. Maybe it’s more popular in Rio, isn’t it? I’ve already heard “Morrer de Rir” and “Rachar de Rir”. Thanks, I’ll add it into my vocabulary. By the way, it’s funny when I visit Rio… When I open up my mouth, EVERYONE figures out that I’m not from there right off the bat! If I take your tips, maybe I’ll be able to keep a low profile… Haha 🙂

    • leandro:

      @Aryel Lanes Thanks! =) Don’t worry, the same happens to me, when I’m in USA..lol..I just say “hi”, and everyone ask me where I’m from. Actually, I don’t know if in Rio “Rachar os Bico” it is that popular, because I’m from a different state. But “Morrer de Rir” and “Rachar de Rir”, you can also use. Thanks again to remember me those that I forgot! =D Falou!