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Missing You Posted by on May 7, 2009 in Learning

In Portuguese, there are a few ways to express the feeling of missing someone or something. Let’s take a look.

1. estar com saudades

This expression means to miss or feel nostalgia for a person or thing.

Estou com saudades tuas. I miss you.

Eles estão com saudades do Brasil. They miss Brazil.

2. sentir saudades

Though this expression means the same thing, you are literally saying “to feel” longing or nostalgia. Literally, we translate this as “to miss.”

Ela sente saudades de você. She misses you.

Sentimos saudades do inverno. We miss winter.

3. saudades

In a conversation with a person you miss, you can simply say:

Saudades or

Estou com saudades to mean that you miss the person.

4. sentir falta

This also means to miss, since it literally means that something is not there.

Sinto falta de vocês. I miss you guys.

Eles sentem falta da comida brasileira. They miss Brazilian food.

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