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Olá, gente! Como está a semana de vocês?

Hello, everybody! How is your week going?

Last week, o mundo (the world) tuned in to watch the olympics opening ceremony and celebrate o começo (the beginning) of this major sporting event, where many of Brazil’s top artists got a chance to perform to a global audience of millions.

For the spectacle, many stars made a notable appearance at the Maracanã that evening, with a diverse set of performers which included Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gisele Bündchen and Anitta, showcasing our culture’s multiplicity.

Since you’re all probably already familiar with the iconic Garota de Ipanema, I thought I could show you today other garotas (girls). Today’s post will focus on três (three) female singers who played at the opening ceremony: Ludmilla, Carol Conka and MC Soffia. The artists had the opportunity to be on stage after becoming nationwide hits over the past anos (years).


Previously known as MC Beyoncé, the carioca (born in Rio de Janeiro) singer and songrwriter of funk and pop music started singing casually at festas (parties), and gradually turned into a music sensation after posting her videos online. Her distinctive and penetrating voz (voice) emphasizes even further the lyrics about jealousy, rivalry and self-appreciation in her work. Ludmilla’s greatest hit “Fala Mal de Mim”, launched her to stardom at the age of dezessete (seventeen), with the video achieving over 15 million views on YouTube. The artist recently signed a contract with Warner and has a busy schedule of over 20 shows por mês (per month).

The artist considers the American singer Beyoncé Knowles one of her major influences and adopted her stage name as a means of paying homage to the diva. However, the musician faced some challenges after a dispute with her agent and had to switch back to her own name.

Carol Conká

The pink-haired brazilian rapper, born in Curitiba – in the sul (south) of Brazil – became a phenomenon over the past couple of years, having músicas (songs) featured in Adidas ads and the Fifa 14 videogame soundtrack and touring around the world to countries like Japan, France and Australia

Although there were no musicians in her family, Carol always wrote poems and, at the age of dezesseis (sixteen), ganhou (won) a song-writing contest in school, after which she dediced to pursue a career in music.

Conka’s debut album is called Batuk Freak, from 2013. Her music is largely influenced by hip-hop, pop, soul and reggae, and can be considered a  blend of many musical references. The rapper’s work approaches issues of female power, confidence and self-esteem, with an energic beat and a positive and uplifting tone.

Mc Soffia

Our youngest representative of national rap is MC Soffia, the twelve-year old cantora (singer) from São Paulo. Since the age of seis (six), the child-star has been taking hip-hop classes and singing in her community. She is now a prominent artist and a revelation in the musical scene, being a guest in several talk shows across the country and having her schedule fully booked.

Soffia (canta) sings about her reality in the Brazilian suburbs and is a role model to many children. After being a victim of unfortunate experiences with prejudice na escola (at school), the young girl decided to learn more about black culture and history, always being encouraged by her mother, a political activist for the black movement.

Her songs are about self-acceptance, empowerment and gender issues, all sung with a lively and spirited stage presence.

Although Soffia dreams of being a doctor when she is older, for now she is expressing herself through rap.

Aproveitem seu dia (e as olimpíadas!)

Enjoy your day (and the olympics!)

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