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Today we’re going to learn a very useful expression that you can use in everyday conversation. The term “para quem” followed by a verb in the indicative tense means “for those or “for anyone.” Let’s take a look at how it’s used.

Para quem gosta de cozinhar, tenho uma receita muito boa! For anyone who likes to cook, I have a really good recipe!

Here, you add the verb gostar (to like), which is a very common way to use this expression.

Let’s say you post a video of Exaltasamba on your Orkut profile. Your caption could say: Para quem gosta de pagode

(For those who like pagode)

You can also use it with querer (to want):

Este site é para quem quer aprender português. This site is for those who want to learn Portuguese.

…or with ter (to have):

O livro tem muitas dicas para quem tem filhos. The book has lots of tips for those who have kids.

You can also use it with the past indicative:

Para quem perdeu a aula, não vai ter como fazer o teste. For those who missed class, you won’t be able to take the test.

Or with the imperfect:

É muito legal ver o filme para quem frequentava o restaurante onde foi gravado. It’s very cool to see the movie, for those who used to go to the restaurant where it was filmed.

Now you try! Can you give an example using “para quem?”

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  1. Teka Lynn:

    Para quem queria aprender o português, esse blog é ótimo! Muito obrigada.