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Pet Names in Portuguese Posted by on Feb 15, 2012 in Vocabulary

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s actually not Valentine’s Day in Brazil today–that happens on June 12. But in honor of romance, I thought we’d learn some pet names you can use for your loved one in Portuguese. In Portuguese, you’d call them apelidos carinhosos.

-amorzinho (love)

-neném (baby)

-fofinho (cutie)

-lindo/linda (beautiful)

-docinho (sweetie)

-meu bem (my darling)

-querido/querida (dear)

-meu chuchu (my chayote, a type of Brazilian vegetable)

-minha vida (my life)

-bebê (baby)

-paixão (passion)

-gatinho/gatinha (cutie)

Are there any others you can think of?

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  1. Cai:

    lindinhooo 🙂

  2. Adir Ferreira:

    Ah, people usually shorten “amor” to “mor”. I had a friend who called her boyfriend “tico” and he called her “tica”.

  3. VC:

    Querida – Honey

  4. Sonia:

    My boyfriend likes calling me “mamae” – “mommy” OR “meu bem” -“my darling” but mostly he uses “gaja” and i call him “gajo”