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Will you all allow me a shameless plug for this post?

I’m fortunate enough to have met a lot of very talented people and many of my good friends are musicians.  Unfortunately, here in Brazil, it’s really tough to get gigs where bands can play their own music.  Most of the time, people will pay more for cover bands than anything else, unless the artist is already famous.  But I’m a huge fan of discovering new bands/talent/musicians!  This week, I’ve been hung up on my close friend and student PH‘s CD, “Uma Saudade.”

It’s funny because in our English classes, I have also talked to him about how “saudade,” is a word that’s very hard to translate from Portuguese to English because in one language it’s a noun and the other a verb.  And that’s what the whole premise of his CD is on. Fortunately, Rachel has already covered this for us here on the Portuguese Blog: Missing You.

And since it’s Friday, and we’re not going to sentir saudades da semana que passou, how about we leave you all with some good, original Paulistano “local talent,” music?

How does PH use the word “Saudade,” in this song?

Branco e Cinza

Os dias são tão iguais

É tudo tão branco e cinza

Mesmo se estando em paz

Parece que o tempo parou

Minhas lembranças mais lindas

Perderam toda sua cor

Vivo uma intensa rotina

É uma saudade que não tem fim

Tudo é tão devagar

Que é melhor adormecer

Deixar um novo dia nascer

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