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Pipa in Floripa Posted by on Jul 17, 2008 in Brazilian News

Ken Yamazato, a retired Brazilian engineer, may have finished his career but he still has big dreams–pipa dreams. Next week, he hopes to break the record for launching the largest high-flying kite in the Guinness Book of World Records. He built a kite measuring 1,225 square meters, which he plans to fly sometime next week, after three days without rain.

Yamazato has always been a fan of kites. He’s been all over Brazil, teaching math and science based on traditional kitemaking, and started kitemaking workshops three years ago. He already won the world record for largest kite train, flying a chain of 3,344 kites, and constructed and successfully flew a smaller version of his new kite, which was 481 square meters.

Yamazato’s plan is to launch the megapipa (huge kite) forty meters into the air for twenty minutes in the southern city of Florianópolis, with the help of the Santa Catarina Japanese Association.

To see a photo of the pipa, see the Globo coverage here.

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  1. Alfredo:

    Eu fiquei realmente surpreso com este site. Nunca imaginei que o portugues brasileiro pudesse despertar tal interesse aos norte-americanos. Parabens !