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Hello, you’re listening to the Transparent Language Portuguese Blog Podcast. My name is André Barbosa and in this episode I’ll talk about different meanings of the word “trabalho”.

“Trabalho” literally means work. The professional, productive and/or creative activity. Now let’s see how some words can modify the meaning of “trabalho”.

The first expression is “conseguir um trabalho”. This expression means “to get a job”. Again: “conseguir um trabalho”.

The second expression is “Fazer/entregar um trabalho”. This expression means “to do/hand a project” or “to do/hand in work”. Again: “fazer/entregar um trabalho”. So, in these expressions “trabalho” means “a piece of work or project”. These expressions are very commonly used when talking about school and university work.

The third expression is a tricky one. “Dar trabalho” as in the phrase “Essas crianças só dão trabalho!” (These children are very difficult to handle). “Dar trabalho” means “to be difficult to handle” or to require attention so that it is somewhat annoying or inconvenient. Therefore “trabalho” here means something that demands your attention, oftentimes in an undesired context.

The fourth and last expression is “morar perto/longe do trabalho”. This expression means “to live near/ far from the workplace”.  So, here “trabalho” means the workplace. You can also say “chegar ao/no trabalho” (Get to work) or “sair do trabalho” (leave work).

If you have questions or comments about these different phrases and definitions of work, I encourage you to post them as well as any other suggestions for podcasts and video posts on the Transparent Portuguese Blog.

That’s it. My name is André Barbosa signing off for the Transparent Portuguese Blog. Talk to you next time.

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