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Portuguese reading practice: Eduardo Bolsonaro and the Brazilian Embassy Posted by on Jul 31, 2019 in Brazilian News, Brazilian Profile, Learning, Politics, Vocabulary

Saudações a todos! Greetings to all! In your opinion, what does it take to become an Embaixador (Ambassador)? Long-term experience? An in-depth conhecimento (knowledge) of the language and culture of the country? A solid background in diplomatic relations? Well, according to president Jair Bolsonaro, all it takes is to be related to him. Even better if you are one of his filhos (children).

the president's son

Brasília – O Conselho de Ética da Câmara arquivou duas representações (12/17 e 13/17) contra o deputado Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSC-SP) por quebra do decoro (Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/ Agencia Brasil)

Earlier this month, Bolsonaro nominated his 35-year-old congressman son Eduardo to the position of Brazilian Embassador in Washington. And as if that wasn’t shameless enough, Eduardo promptly replied to the accusations of nepotism by arguing that he was perfectly qualified for the job, since he had already been to an exchange program in the US, frying burgers and improving his English skills. Who needs jokes when you have a governo (government) like this? Well, luckily, Brazilians rose to the challenge and responded to this alleged scandal with the proper amount of sense of humour.  One example would be by comedian and writer Renato Terra, who wrote a short article in his weekly column in the Folha de São Paulo newspaper satirizing the whole situation.

In his text, Terra claims that the other Bolsonaro son, Flávio, got a job at the Naples embassy thanks to his pizza-making talent. So, if you are looking to practice your leitura (reading) and vocabulary skills and stay up-to-date on the latest Brazilian noticias (news), today’s post will help you help that. Take a look at the original text in Portuguese, see if you are able to identify the general context we have been discussing and scroll down to check my translation! :

Depois de preparar pizza, Flávio Bolsonaro assume embaixada em Nápoles

“Eufórico com a pizza preparada pelo primogênito na semana passada, o presidente Jair Bolsonaro indicou Flávio para uma embaixada em Nápoles, na Itália. “Ele uniu ingredientes de maneira inédita: rodelas de laranja, coentro, Coaf, tomate, Toffoli e jabuticaba”, elogiou o presidente, lambendo os beiços. “Além disso, Flávio preparou a pizza de uma maneira que só ele sabe fazer. Foram 48 incursões ao forno de 2 fatias por vez”, completou.

Seguindo o critério de eleger dotes culinários para escolher embaixadas para os filhos, Jair Bolsonaro foi questionado sobre o local que escolheria para Carlos. “Ele já fritou o Bebianno e o Santos Cruz. Mas por enquanto ele quer ficar em casa jogando videogame”, disse o presidente.”


So, how was it? How much of it were you able to understand? Take a look at the English version below:



After making pizza, Flavio Bolsonaro takes over embassy in Naples

Thrilled about the pizza his firstborn made last week, President Jair Bolsonaro appointed Flavio to an embassy in Naples, Italy. “He has put together ingredients in a new way: slices of orange, coriander, coaf, tomato, Toffoli and jabuticaba,” praised the president, sucking his lips. “Besides, Flavio has made the pizza in a way that only he can do. There were 48 oven forays of 2 slices at a time, ”he added.

Following the criteria of electing culinary skills to choose embassies for his children, Jair Bolsonaro was asked about the location he would choose for Carlos. “He already fried Bebianno and Santos Cruz. But for now he wants to stay home playing video games, ”said the president.

Did you like it? You can find more funny texts by Renato Terra on his page:


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