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Rio O Filme Posted by on Feb 27, 2011 in Movies

While everyone’s talking about the Oscar movies this week, as well as Waste Land, there’s another movie that has Brazilians excited: Rio, The Movie. It’s coming out in April, and showcases the natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro and a bit of Brazilian culture in an animated full length feature film. Although it was made by an American movie studio, the director is Carioca – Carlos Saldanha, who decided to make a movie about his hometown.

The movie is coming out in English, but if you’re in Brazil, you’ll be able to see it dubbed in Portuguese (and maybe possibly with subtitles, though children’s movies tend to be dubbed). Here are some of the Portuguese trailers, along with the original English ones in case you need help understanding the dialogue.

There are two key beginners vocabulary words you’ll hear repeated several times: pássaro and voar. The nice thing about dubbed children’s movies is that the vocabulary tends to be a bit easier to understand!







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