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Snowstorm in Portuguese Posted by on Feb 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Up here on the East Coast of the U.S., we had a massive snowstorm (nevasca, in Portuguese). It reminded me of one of my favorite videos of Brazilians living in the U.S., mineiros in Massachusetts shoveling snow in their flip flops.

Test your knowledge:

1. What’s the temperature outside, according to the cameraman?

2. What’s the word for “ice”?

3. What’s a “pรก“?


1. -10 degrees

2. gelo

3. shovel

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  1. Maxine McClellan:

    Cool little video – Why let a little snow stop us from wearing our chinelas!

    As a Boston native and having a large network of Brazilians friends I can tell you this is not an uncommon scene!

    Thanks for posting AND thanks for starting to include the answers to the Test the Knowledge quiz.