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Song: Jogado Na Rua, by Guilherme e Santiago Posted by on Sep 25, 2014 in Culture, Music

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Salve, pessoal!

In the last decade there has been a boom in the sertanejo universitário music. Sertanejo is Brazil’s country music and the universitário (university student) is a variation for more romantic and/or party kind of songs.

I chose one to share with you: Jogado Na Rua. It’s one of those songs that someone’s broken-hearted, down in the dumps – well, you know what it’s like.

The song doesn’t have lots of lyrics and the duo that sings it, Guilherme e Santiago, have great diction, so sing away your blues em português! Enjoy the song!

Jogado na Rua

Não tá fácil ficar [it hasn’t been easy to be]
sem teu amor aqui [without your love here]
Que saudade que dá [I miss you so much]
chego a ter dó de mim [I feel sorry for myself]

Meu amor é assim [my love is like this]
bruto e sincero demais [strong and too sincere]
Sentimento sem fim [endless feeling]
amo você ninguém mais [I love you – nobody else]

Me deixou assim [you left me like this]
sombra na escuridão [a shadow in the darkness]
Arrancou de mim, a paz [you took from the the peace]
o sorriso e a razão [the smile and the reason]

É no som da viola [it’s when the guitar plays]
que o peito chora [that my chest cries]
Nessas noites de lua [on these moonlit nights]
jogado na rua [throw on the street]
Ai, Amor [oh, my love]
Nessas noites de lua [on these moonlight nights]
jogado na rua [thrown on the street]

Over To You!

Here’s the karaoke version! Why don’t you try singing it?!


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  1. Carlos R, Barron:

    eu voy a escreber em meu mal Portuges, eu gusto este blog mu bonita musica y romantica.
    Carlos in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
    Meu idioma original e Espanhol e faloIngles tamben.
    Forgive the mistakes, but like they you have to practice to get good.:)
    beautiful song