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Tacky in Portuguese Posted by on Dec 28, 2011 in Learning, Vocabulary

Here are three ways to say tacky in Portuguese, meaning something with poor taste.

1. brega

Ela comprou uma calça rosa. Que coisa brega! She bought a pair of pink pants. How tacky!

noun version: breguice [tackiness, tacky stuff]

Não acredito que a casa dele tem tanta breguice. I don’t believe his house has so much tacky stuff.

2. cafona

Acho meio cafona usar bota Ugg com saia. I think it’s kind of tacky to wear Ugg boots with a skirt.

noun version: cafonice [tackiness, tacky stuff]

O site mostra cafonices no mundo da moda. The site shows tacky stuff from the world of fashion.

3. deselegante (tacky, rude)

Ela foi para a festa de crianças usando um vestido super curto. Que deselegante! She went to the childrens’ party wearing a really short dress. How tacky!

You can also see how deselegante is used in this Globo news clip that went viral this year.

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