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Amazonas is overwhelmed by Covid Posted by on Feb 11, 2021

A lot aconteceu (has happened) since the first surto (outbreak) of the new coronavirus in early 2020. The doença (disease) that we knew little about it a year ago is now incorporated into our everyday existence. As of mid-February 2021, about 106 million people have contracted the virus, and just over 2 million and 300,000…

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Have you tried Brazilian natives cuisine? Posted by on Jan 21, 2021

Sateré-Mawé, Tukano, Kuikuro, Tupi, Mbya, Matipu, Xikrin, Waiwai, Yanomami, Xingu and Yawanawá. These names probably don’t sound familiar to you, do they? Well, you are not alone, as many Brazilians are able to recognize only a few of them, if any. These are the names of some of the more than three hundred grupos indígenas…

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Brazilian states: Amazonas Posted by on Oct 21, 2020

Olá, amigos leitores. Hello, dear readers. I would like you to imagine a territory of approximately 1.5 million square kilometers, which is more than twice the tamanho (size) of the state of Texas or the area of France, Spain, Sweden and Greece combined. Kinda big isn’t it? And this is the size of the maior…

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Festival Folclórico de Parintins Posted by on Apr 30, 2015

Olá pessoal! Todo mundo conhece o Carnaval, né? I’m sure you’ve all heard about Carnaval! But have you heard of Festival Folclórico de Parintins, AKA Boi? Boi is the second most popular festival in all of Brazil! Advinhe o que é o primeiro? (Advinhar is “to guess”) Carnaval is the first which puts Boi in second place…

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Name that jaguar Posted by on Aug 26, 2009

For today’s interactive feature, I’ve combined another interactive game online. A baby jaguar between three and four months old was rescued in Amazonas state recently, and was turned over to authorities in Manaus. The baby lost his mother, most likely to hunters. Globo Amazonia is now holding a naming contest for the little jaguar (onça-pintada)…

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