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Brazilian states – Rio Grande do Norte Posted by on Jun 30, 2021

Olá, amigos leitores! Hello, dear readers! If you have been keeping up with our series about the Estados brasileiros (Brazilian states), you might remember Rio Grande do Sul, terra do churrasco (land of barbecue) and chimarrão. But did you know that we have another state with a similar name in the opposite end of the…

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Have you tried Brazilian natives cuisine? Posted by on Jan 21, 2021

Sateré-Mawé, Tukano, Kuikuro, Tupi, Mbya, Matipu, Xikrin, Waiwai, Yanomami, Xingu and Yawanawá. These names probably don’t sound familiar to you, do they? Well, you are not alone, as many Brazilians are able to recognize only a few of them, if any. These are the names of some of the more than three hundred grupos indígenas…

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10 spices you will find in every Brazilian household – Part II Posted by on Oct 30, 2020

[10 Temperos que você vai encontrar em uma cozinha brasileira] Boa tarde, caros leitores! Good afternoon, dear readers! Today’s text will resume our list from earlier this month that compiles the most typical temperos (spices) you are likely to come across in a Brazilian cozinha (kitchen). Westartedof with cinco (5) staple items: alho (garlic), cebola…

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10 spices you will find in every Brazilian household Posted by on Oct 12, 2020

[10 Temperos que você vai encontrar em uma cozinha brasileira] Olá, pessoal! Hello, everyone! Como vocês têm passado? How is it going for you? Much of the gastronomic culture and uniqueness of a place is generally the outcome of the variety of temperos (spices) and also the way they are used during the preparation. For…

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Brazilian states: Goiás Posted by on Aug 10, 2020

Olá, amigos leitores! Hello, dear readers! Today we are moving forward with our series on estados brasileiros (Brazilian states). To celebrate reaching the 10th text on the theme, let’s focus on a place that permeates popular Brazilian song imaginary: the state of Goiás. Located in the central-west region, right next to the federal district where…

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Brazilian cuisine: salgadinhos Posted by on Jul 21, 2020

Traveling to a different country means leaving your comfort zone and experiencing not only a new culture and language, but also the gastronomic wonders that these lugares (places) offer. However, during a viagem (trip), we can be either in a hurry or maybe not even hungry enough to sit down for a refeição completa (full…

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A guide to Brazilian street food Posted by on Sep 29, 2019

Ei, pessoal! Hey, guys! Over the past few years, a variety of new dining establishments in which the car itself was the very base of the kitchen took off around the world. These are the food trucks that, appropriating the idea of a refeição rápida e prática (quick and practical meal), have take over the…

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