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Carnaval in Rio Posted by on Apr 26, 2018

Carnaval in Rio

After celebrating the first half of Carnaval in Pernambuco, we headed to Rio de Janeiro. Carnaval in Rio just might be the biggest party in the world! There are blocos all over the city, including the amazing Sargento Pimenta where a huge band plays samba versions of Beatles songs. Then there are the Sambadrome parades…

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Carnaval de Pernambuco Posted by on Mar 20, 2018

Carnaval de Pernambuco

The state of Pernambuco in northeast Brazil is home to some of the most traditional and massive Carnaval celebrations out there. In the colorful colonial town of Olinda, you’ll see the famous bonecos gigantes parading through the streets as people dance to frevo music. A few miles away in the capital of Recife, the biggest…

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Celebrating Carnaval in Brazil Posted by on Mar 12, 2018

Celebrating Carnaval in Brazil

Bom dia a todos! Meu nome é Sasha. Eu sou dos Estados Unidos. Sorry but I don’t have much more Portuguese in my arsenal. I’m an English teacher and a blogger on the Spanish and Chinese pages. I also run Grateful Gypsies with my lovely wife. I recently had my first experience with the Portuguese-speaking world as…

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The history of Carnaval Posted by on Mar 5, 2017

If you’re currently in Brazil, you’ll notice that talking about the carnaval festivities is an unavoidable assunto (subject) in the country for the past few semanas (weeks). As we all know, the event is an element of our national culture and widely celebrated throughout the nation, in addition to being a major feriado (holiday). People…

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Brazilian Carnaval costumes Posted by on Mar 4, 2017

Fantasias do carnaval brasileiro Carnaval is unfortunately over! But the boas notícias (good news) is there’s still plenty to talk about the most popular party in the country. Brazilian people are known for their alegria (joy) and bom humor (sense of humor). During carnaval, people take the opportunity to wear fantasias (costumes), put on glitter…

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Axé and Carnaval Posted by on Feb 24, 2017

Oi, pessoal! Hey, guys! Are you ready for Carnaval? Brazil’s longest-awaited party is only on February 28th, but the celebrations aqui (here) are already at full steam. The marchinhas (typical carnaval music that satirizes military marches), samba and frevo are some of the rhythms that get the party going, showing the diversity of the country and the…

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O Ano Começa Depois do Carnaval Posted by on Feb 17, 2012

To start off Carnaval, which officially starts today in many peoples’ hearts, minds, and thirst. Let’s listen to some classic Carnaval parade songs, shall we? Turma do Funil (1956)  Chegou a turma do funil / Todo mundo bebe / Mas ninguém dorme no ponto / Ai ai, ninguém dorme no ponto / Nós é que…

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