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September 7th: Brazil’s Independence Day Posted by on Sep 7, 2012

Hi, there! Today is a holiday here in Brazil: Independence Day. When I was a kid schools had the Semana da Pátria (Nation’s Week) when we would read more about the history of Brazil’s independence, participate in several civic events and draw two lines (green and yellow – Brazil’s color) in our notebooks. The Independence…

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Feliz Páscoa! Posted by on Apr 6, 2012

Feliz Páscoa, pessoal! Happy Easter, y’all! Here’s a small video I made to wish you a very Happy Easter! Coelhinho da Páscoa Coelhinho da Páscoa, que trazes pra mim? [Easter Bunnsy, what do you bring to me?] Um ovo, dois ovos, três ovos, assim? [One egg, two eggs, three eggs, like this?] 2x Coelhinho da…

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Holy Week in Brazil Posted by on Apr 18, 2011

Holy Week, Semana Santa, for Christians all over the world, started yesterday.  The Brazilian Catholic population celebrates Semana Santa like most other countries, but a few special plays around the country makes the Brazilian celebrations unique – Procissão do Fogaréu em Goiás Velho This procession is held on Holy Thursday, and is mostly famous in Goiás…

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Carnaval 2011 Countdown: Folia in Minas Gerais Posted by on Feb 28, 2011

The most famous Carnaval celebrations in Minas Gerais are usually in the historic towns of Ouro Preto, Diamantina & Mariana.  However, there are many other parade and parties in numerous small towns around the state.  These are usually called, Carnaval de Rua, where there are parades called blocos carnavalescos and sometimes stages set in the middle of…

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Carnaval 2011 Countdown – Chiclete com Banana Posted by on Feb 7, 2011

Carnaval is in five weeks!  In exactly one month, I hope to be dancing in the streets of Olinda, Pernambuco for their traditional Carnaval festivities, and I can’t wait to share it with you all! Do any of you have plans for Carnaval this year? For my next posts until Carnaval, I’ll be posting different…

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Watch Carnival Online Posted by on Jan 26, 2011

Exciting news! This year, you’ll be able to watch Carnival live on YouTube for free, directly from Salvador, Bahia. The channel is already available here. Here are two of the videos they have up as a little preview for the festivities: From Jornal do Brasil: “Levar a cultura brasileira para diversos países em tempo real…

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Brazilian Reveillon Traditions, Part II Posted by on Dec 30, 2010

Yesterday I wrote a post on Brazilian traditions on what to wear for the New Year.  I also mentioned how we have all sorts of superstitions and that I would share that with you all today!  For many Brazilians, what you wear, eat, drink and do at midnight or around that time, determine how your…

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