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Brazilian states: Minas Gerais Posted by on Jan 21, 2020

Bom dia, amigos leitores! Good morning, dear readers! Today we are going to move on with our series of articles that unveil the different estados (states) that make up Brazil, talking a little about culture, history and attractions for those of you who want to viajar (travel) or are just curious about our Brazilian plurality…

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Belo Horizonte Posted by on Sep 6, 2015

Although as praias ensolaradas (the sunny beaches) off the coast of Brazil or large cosmopolitan cities like São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro may be among the top destinations for tourists in this country, other popular yet less-known places still offer muitas razões (plenty of reasons) for a visit, like the city of Belo Horizonte…

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Aleijadinho – Brazilian Baroque Sculptor Posted by on Jul 21, 2011

I was in Ouro Preto this past weekend, one of the more famous historic towns in Minas Gerais, in the southeast of Brazil. The town has maintained its historic look and feel with stone streets, Portuguese architecture, and gorgeous Baroque Catholic churches. A couple of the churches contain the sculpture of Antonio Francisco Lisboa, more…

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How is Cachaça Made? Posted by on May 4, 2010

This past week I was visiting my family in Minas Gerais, a state in Brazil famous for its friendly residents with funny accents & sayings, pão de queijo (or cheese, overall) and cachaça! Cachaça is a traditional Brazilian liquor made of sugarcane juice (as opposed to molasses which is the difference between cachaça and rum) and…

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Brazilian Recipes – Baking Pão de Queijo Posted by on Mar 11, 2010

Today we’re going to learn to make pão de queijo, probably one of the most famous snacks to come from Minas Gerais, in the Southeast of Brazil.  In Minas Gerais and most other parts of the country, the crispy on the outside chewy on the inside “cheese bread,” is served fresh from the oven at…

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Innovation in Uberaba Posted by on Dec 15, 2009

An interior designer in Uberaba, Minas Gerais decided to start his own personal project one day when he needed a costume for a costume party. He gathered together recycled materials and created a character from the Fantastic Four. Since it was such a success, he started making even more costumes. He uses all sorts of…

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