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This past week I was visiting my family in Minas Gerais, a state in Brazil famous for its friendly residents with funny accents & sayings, pão de queijo (or cheese, overall) and cachaça!

Cachaça is a traditional Brazilian liquor made of sugarcane juice (as opposed to molasses which is the difference between cachaça and rum) and is appreciated by those who are familiar with the drink worldwide.  In Minas, almost every farm has an alambique, a still for cachaça usually made of copper, and this past week, I had the opportunity to visit a farm that produces Cachaça Ibituruna, a premium artisan cachaça, and got a personal tour which was tons of fun! And then of course, bought myself a bottle of the stuff 🙂

Since I didn’t memorize what I learned, I found this great article on the history of Cachaça plus the Cachaça Ibituruna site gives you step by step instructions in Portuguese and English on how their cachaça is made by clicking on the menu item, “A Cachaça.”

Have you tried Cachaça? Did you like it?

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  1. Fernanda:

    Of course my horse! As a Brazilian native I tried Cachaça, Caipirinha, Caipivodka… That’s incredible! I prefer “hot drinks” such as liquor… My husband prefers beer. Oh… and very cold!