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Brazilian states: Santa Catarina Posted by on Dec 23, 2020

Olá, amigos leitores! Hello, readers! What comes to mind when you think about about Brazilian praias (beaches)? I bet you must have thought of Rio de Janeiro or even some other city in northeastern Brazil, but have you heard of the city of Florianópolis? If you haven’t, não se preocupem (don’t worry), because today’s text…

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Oktoberfest em Blumenau! Posted by on Oct 26, 2010

Now before you start to think this post belongs in the German Blog, don’t go too far because you’re in the right place. Oktoberfest in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, is an annual event that was originally created in the 1980’s to generate funds for the city after a severe flood took over most of the city…

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Better Know Santa Catarina Posted by on Sep 24, 2010

In a segment akin to Jon Stewart’s Better Know a District, except a bit more serious, Brazil’s big nighttime news show is featuring different states and cities leading up to the elections. Here’s one of the recent episodes, where they discuss the state of Santa Catarina and one of its cities, Joinville. Watch the video…

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Brazil Under Water Posted by on Nov 25, 2008

Over the past two weeks, southern Brazil has been hit with serious rainstorms, causing the most damage in Santa Catarina state. Last week, rainstorms in Rio de Janeiro caused flooding and chaos on the roadways. But the most serious problem is in the interior of Santa Catarina, where around 60 people have died in floods…

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Brazilian Oktoberfest Posted by on Oct 14, 2008

Believe it or not, Brazil has a huge Oktoberfest celebration every year in October, modeled after the German version. It takes place in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, which was originally settled by German immigrants. Brazilian Oktoberfest is the largest German festival outside of Germany, as well as the second largest Oktoberfest celebration in the world.  Brazilian…

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