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That sucks, dude! Posted by on Sep 30, 2013 in Video

E aí galera? What’s up, guys?

In this video, I’m still at the Real Life English Party and the other two creators, Chad Fishwick and Trevor Pirtle, of this great project asked me to teach some slang. Trevor Pirtle said that I need to teach the slang: Velho and Paia.

So, the slang Velho, it is the same of: Cara, brother, jow, that I taught at the lesson: “Dude and “I’m in a Big Trouble” in Portuguese Slang”. Velho it is just another way to say Dude. But when this word isn’t a slang, Velho means Old.

The other slang, you can say also Paia or Palha, and means Suck. Like you say: “This game suck” in portuguese is “Esse jogo é Paia” or “Esse jogo é Palha”. Another example: “You suck!” = “Você é Paia!” or “Você é Palha”.

And Chad asked me to teach the slang: Demorou and Pagando pau.

Demorou, it is like, delay or being late, but in a slang way, the meaning is OK.


– You what to go out? -ok!”

– Você que sair? -Demorou!


-Do that for me? -OK.

-Faz isso pra mim? -Demorou.

And the slang, Pagando Pau, it is Chicken out, when you are afraid of something, but some people here, they do not like that expression, because of the word used on that slang, so you can also say Amarelou, that means the samething.

So guys, that was today lesson, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. I hope you guys enjoy it, remember to watch the video and see you at the next lesson.


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  1. Robert Rezendes:

    Very Enjoyable.


  2. felipe f:

    Hey, nice text, but i think the expression pagando pau isn’t close to the meaning you think… pagando pau is something between jealousy and admiration.

    • leandro:

      @felipe f Yeah, that can also mean jealousy and admiration, but at least in here (where I live) people use more to describe when you are afraid of something. But thanks, I forgot this other meaning of this expression. =)

  3. Michael:

    Can u help me use ‘pagando pau’ in a sentence please? Thanks. @amtomiciel

    • leandro:

      @Michael Sure! “Cara, vc está pagando pau?” “Dude, are you scared?” or “Tô pagando pau de ir lá dentro” “I’m scared to go inside”. Any other question, feel free to ask.

  4. Bruno Levy:

    “That sucks!” can also translated as “é uma droga!”. At least, that’s how we would say it in Northern Brazil…. To be honest, I have never heard the slang word “paia”. On the other hand, I have heard of “pagando pau”, but I thought it meant another thing like “suck up to someone”… Haha I can see I was completely wrong haha.

  5. Jess:

    Could ‘demorou’ also mean something like ‘It’s about time!’? We use that expression in English when somebody makes a decision you’ve been waiting for them to make, in a positive way. Eg. “Let’s go out”, “Alright, it’s about time you said that!”