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The Brazilian Pet Shop Industry Posted by on Sep 29, 2008 in Biology & Animals, Economy

Known as “pet shops” (in English), these small businesses are amongst the most successful in Brazil. Dogs are popular pets and are often treated like children: owners buy them outfits, shoes, fancy collars, and doggie beds. Also, since Brazilians are very concerned about personal hygiene, they also keep their dogs very clean, often bringing them to a groomer once a week.


According to Globo, sixty percent of Brazilian households have a pet, and as such, pet products sell better than children’s clothes, and the Brazilian pet industry accounts for R$4 billion a year.

Juiz de Fora, a major city in Minas Gerais, is a particularly pet-crazy city. There are special pet photographers, and dozens of pet shops and groomers. The groomers not only offer baths, but also dye jobs (partial and full), tattoos, and fur decorations.

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