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Reading local newspapers provide a lot of useful information and great insight into the political landscape and the  dynamics of a given society. To read media in another language is a great opportunity to keep yourself up-to-date with the últimos acontecimentos (latest developments) while also improving your reading and comprehension skills. For this post I have selected three of the main media vehicles that play a relevant role in shaping public opinion in Brazil.



Folha de São Paulo (or simply Folha)

Founded in 1921, Folha is the most influential Brazilian newspaper. Though edited in São Paulo, Folha has the largest national circulation, being found in the vast majority of cities. It covers uma ampla variedade de assuntos (a wide range of topics), including sections on Opinion, Debates, Power, World, Market, City, Health, Science, Sports, Food, Arts and Entertainment.

Folha claims nonpartisanship pluralism and political independence as one of its foundational editorial policy, more neutral then its competitors and more open to diverse political views.

Its motto is: “Um Jornal a Serviço do Brasil” (A newspaper to serve Brazil)



O Estado de São Paulo (Estadão)

Also published in São Paulo, O Estado de São Paulo, also known as Estadão (The Big Estado – in portuguese, the suffix ão indicates the augmentative) was founded in 1875, thus making it o mais antigo (the oldest) newspaper still in circulation in Brazil. Estadão is the second largest newspaper in São Paulo, competing against Folha. Its political views are more aligned with republican ideals, though it became progressively more liberal throughout the years. Its motto is: “Estadão, O Jornal que Pensa” (Estadão, the paper that thinks)



O Globo

Based in Rio de Janeiro, O Globo was founded in July 1925. Also a daily newspaper with national distribution, O Globo is more conservative oriented, serving the interests of partidos de direita (right-wing parties). As opposed to the Folha de São Paulo e Estadão, O Globo explicitly expressed its support for the golpe de estado de 1964 (1964 Brazilian coup d’état) and o regime militar (the military regime).

É isso (That’s it!), espero que gostem (I hope you like it).

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