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The transbêbado service Posted by on Jul 13, 2008 in Customs

In June, a new law went into effect in Brazil to try to prevent drunk driving, which is a serious problem throughout the country. The law prohibits all levels of alcohol consumption for drivers, with penalties of nearly R$1000 fines and drivers’ license suspensions. This means that a single glass of wine or a bottle of beer can have real consequences if a driver is pulled over.

As a response to the very strict new dry law, many bars and restaurants all over Brazil have hired car services to drive clients home. But in poorer parts of the country, there have been more creative solutions.

In Paraíba state, a bar owner has created the transbêbado service, which translates more or less to the “Drive a Drunk” service. Instead of driving, the person leaves his car at the bar, and is taken home in a padded wheelbarrow. The transbêbado chauffeur brings the drunk driver home in the wheelbarrow for the cost of R$1. For heavier drunks, the chauffeur charges R$2.

To see the transbêbado service in action on video, click here.

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