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Transition Words (Palavras Conectivas) – Improve Your Writing! Posted by on May 6, 2015 in Learning, Vocabulary

In any language, it’s important to make your writing flow for your reader. This helps you get your point across and allows your reader to leave with an understanding of what you’re trying to say.

While you’re improving your writing in Portuguese, it’s important to use phrases and words that introduce your next point or thought. Here are some to get you started:

1. em primeiro lugar – This phrase introduces something.

Em primeiro lugar, e acima de tudo,  eu gostaria de dizer que estou feliz por estar aqui. In the first place, and above everything, I would like to say that I am happy to be here.

2. principalmente – This phrase stresses the importance of something.

Principalmente, isso pode ser visto nas redes sociais. Mainly, this can be seen on social networks.

3. sobretudo – Similar to principalmente, this phrase means “above all” and puts emphasis on what you’re saying.

Sobretudo, que tudo que está escrito aqui reflete seus sentimentos. Above all, make sure that everything written here reflects your feelings.

4. então – Simply means “then.”

Então, vamos ver o que acontece. Then, we will see what happens.

5. enfim – You can use this as “finally.”

Uma oportunidade, enfim, apareceu. An opportunity finally appeared.

6. igualmente – Used to describe two things that are equal or the same.

É igualmente necessário dar importância à este assunto também. It’s equally important to give importance to this subject too.

7. além disso – This is “in addition” or “furthermore” and is useful in all types of writing.

Além disso, você tem que respeitar as regras. In addition, you have to respect the rules.

8. de repente – Used when something occurs suddenly.

De repente, ele começou rir. Suddenly, he started to laugh.

9. em conclusão – In conclusion.

Em conclusão, os efeitos são importantes. In conclusion, the effects are important. 

10. assim – This can be used as “thus” or “thereby.”

Assim, reforçada pela testemunha, pode ver a verdade. Thus, reinforced by the testimony, you can see the truth.

Try to use these the next time you are writing. Boa sorte!

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About the Author: Nicole

I'm an English/Portuguese Teacher from rural New York. My second home is in Manaus, Brazil. When I'm not teaching languages, I'm firefighting or playing with my dogs!