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Travelling Portuguese Essentials Posted by on Aug 10, 2010 in Vocabulary

Hola from Barcelona!!

This is my second time ever in a country where I don’t speak the language and the first time was in Argentina where everyone spoke Portuguese anyway because of all the Brazilian tourists and I also had my friend who speaks fluent Spanish with me…   I mean, I speak sooomme castellano and understand a lot… but still:  I now know how you all feel intimitated if you’re thinking about going to Lusophone country.  Therefore, I decided to write today’s post on how to get around in a Portuguese speaking country when you speak só um pouco de português with a few important phrases I’ve had to use in my past couple of days in Spain.

Como chega no/na (name of tourist attraction) – How do I get to… ?

Quanto custa isto?  – How much does this cost?

– Para que lado fica (tourist attraction)? – Which way to …?

– O que é (tem dentro de) (name of food you don’t recognize? – What is (in) …. ?

– Qual metrô/ônibus vai para (where you need to go)?  Para que lado fica? – Which subway or bus line goes to… Which way?

Com licença, você pode me ajudar (me dar uma informaçao) por favor? – Excuse me, can you help me (give me some information) please?

– Você tem este (clothing/shoes) em (size)? – Do you have this in this size?

I think those are the basics I’ve used all day here!  Anything else you can think of that I can help you with?

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