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Twitter em português Posted by on May 14, 2009 in Learning, Online Learning

One excellent way to practice your language skills is by constantly exposing yourself to the language and by giving yourself at least one “dose” of the language written and spoken each day. One way to give yourself a dose of written Portuguese each day is by using Twitter, the popular and free microblogging service.

I’ve put together a list of useful Twitter users that will help you practice reading and writing in Portuguese.


  • Make sure you follow Transparent’s Brazilian Portuguese Twitter account connected to this blog, Brazillanguage;
  • Portuguesemdia, which discusses Portuguese language and literature;
  • GVOPT, which is Global Voices, the online news site, in Portuguese;
  • OzzyStudy, which provides useful vocabulary in Portuguese.





Popular Brazil Twitter Users

  • Tuitersfera, which monitors and analyzes Twitter use in Brazil
  • Interney, a set of popular Brazilian blogs
  • Kibe Loco, a popular comedy blog

Happy Twittering!

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