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Valentine’s Day Vocabulary in Portuguese… Quanto Amor! Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in Culture, Uncategorized, Vocabulary

Olá, pessoal! Tudo bem?


Valentine Day’s coming up so today I’m going to present some really cool and useful vocabulary if you have a Portuguese-sepaking Valentine!

By the way, in Brazil we celebrate “Dia dos Namorados” on June 12th!

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary in Portuguese

Chocolate – chocolate
Lingerie – lingerie
Um buquê de rosas – a bunch of roses
Ursinho de pelúcia – teddy bear
Poemas – poems

Querido/a – darling
Estar apaixonado por alguém – to be in love with someone
Encontro – a date
Ter um encontro – to have a date
Apaixonar-se por alguém – to fall in love with someone
Paquerar – to flirt
Coração – heart
Romântico – romantic
Amor não-correspondido – unrequited love
Admirador secreto – secret admirer
Cupido – Cupid
Sair com alguém – go out with someone

Now let’s suppose you have THAT special evening and want to tell a friend, here are some useful sentences!

Me produzi todo/a. – I got all dressed up.
Fui buscá-la em casa. – I picked her up at her house.
Levei flores. – I brought her flowers.
Ele me trouxe flores. – He brought me flowers.
Ele abriu a porta para mim. – He opened the door for me.
Ela estava linda. – She looked gorgeous.
Ele estava lindo. – He looked very handsome.
Ele falou que eu estva linda. – He said I looked gorgeous.
Ela estava tão cheirosa. – She smelled so good.
Não conseguia tirar os olhos dela. – I couldn’t stop looking at her.
Queria que fosse uma noite especial. – I wanted the night to be special.
Fomos a um restaurante ótimo. – We went to this really nice restaurant.
Jantamos à luz de velas. – We had a candlelight dinner.
Ficamos olhos nos olhos. – We stared into each other’s eyes.
Estava com muita vontade de beijá-la. – I kept wanting to kiss her.
Me senti um adolescente. – I felt like a teenager.
Ela se fez de difícil. – She played hard-to-get.
Ela dava a entender que também queria. – She kept sending me signals.
Ele pôs o braço por cima do meu ombro. – He put his arm around me.
Ficamos de mãos dadas. – We held hands.
Nos beijamos. – We kissed.

Now check out a very romantic song, “Estou Apaixonado” in a version by Brazilian singer Daniel and Mexican singer Thalía.

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