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Valeu! Posted by on Oct 8, 2008 in Learning, Slang

We’ve gone over this word before in podcasts, but today we’re going to take a closer look at its meanings. It is considered giria (slang) and has very specific uses.

1. Thanks!

Valeu (prononced vah-lay-ew) is a slangy way to say thanks, and is used among young people.

Boy 1: Pode me emprestar cinco reais? Can you lend me five reais?

Boy 2: Claro, toma. Sure, here you go.

Boy 1: Valeu, cara! Thanks, dude!

2. OK? OK.

Valeu can also be used as a question and response, the first being “Is that OK?” or “OK?” and the response being “OK,” or “that’s fine.”

Waiter: Depois eu trago a Coca Cola, valeu? I’ll bring your Coke soon, ok?

Client: Valeu. Ok.

3. Goodbye/Later

Valeu can also be used as a slangy way to say goodbye, on the phone or in person.

Man 1: Valeu então. Later then.

Man 2: Valeu. Later.

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  1. alex:

    They would never say Coca Cola in Brazil, simply “Coca.”

  2. renan:

    alex, i’m from Brazil and I say coca cola a lot.

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