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How to Say “What’s Up” in Portuguese Posted by on Apr 10, 2011 in Slang

We’ve talked about similar slang expressions in the past, but for beginners, it’s helpful to know a few ways to say “what’s up?” Keep in mind that these expressions are to be used in informal circumstances amongst friends.

1. E aí?

This is the easiest and most common way to say “what’s up?” in Portuguese that is understood throughout the country.

E aí cara? What’s up man?

It can also be used in the sense of what’s up to mean “so?”

E aí? Vamos no bar hoje? So? Are we going to the bar today?

E aí? Tem jogo amanhã? What’s up? Is there a game tomorrow?

E aí? Ela já chegou? So? Is she here yet?

2. Beleza?

This expression is more common in Rio, and can be used as both a question and an answer.

Beleza? What’s up?

– Beleza.  Nothing much.

Extra tip: When friends chat online, they often shorten this expression to blz?

3. Qual é? (Coé?)

As we learned in our Carioquês lesson, this super slangy expression is used in Rio to ask what’s up.

Qual é, irmão? What’s up dude?

4. Firmeza?

This expression is used in São Paulo to mean “what’s up”, as we learned in our Paulistanês lesson.

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