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What’s your favorite city in Brazil? Posted by on Apr 23, 2009 in Travel

Today’s interactive feature has to do with travel, rather than language. The question at hand is:

What’s your favorite city in Brazil?

This is a tricky question, since I’ve loved every city I’ve been to in Brazil, and there are so many that I haven’t been to yet. In terms of big cities, my favorite is Rio de Janeiro. In my opinion, it’s the most beautiful big city in the world. Even though it has the reputation for being a laid back beach city, it also has wonderful museums, movie theaters, exhibitions, and shows, as well as its famed music, beaches, and tourist attractions.

My favorite small city is Tiradentes, a colonial town located in Minas Gerais. The colonial architecture and streets have been preserved, so visiting the city is like going back in time. It has stunning views of the surrounding mountains and countryside, and it is also very hip, with cool cafés, pousadas, and restaurants.

What about you?

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  1. Christopher:


    Mas eu sei que nem eh cidade mesmo…

  2. Chris:

    Eu adoro Floripa! It is such a beautiful city and an even more beautiful island! I proposed to my wonderful Brazilian fiance on one of its beaches and hope to someday live there!!

  3. Samuel Levy:

    Eu gosto Sao Paulo..sei que falta a praia, mas tem tudo…comida, cultura, parques, metro…e de mais. Nao e um cidade tao lindo, mas o povo e uma mistura quen faz a magia…,.rsrsr.

  4. Adam:

    Floripa is my favorite. I haven’t been to Rio though

  5. Tricia Chaves:

    I love Cabo Frio. I really loved the relaxed, small town feel of the city, and eating fish on the beach.

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  6. Peter:

    Recife is the most beautiful city in brazil.
    I was there last year, the city is very beautiful.
    those rivers…
    Rio is very beautiful too

  7. Renan Van Basten:

    I love Recife.
    it’s the cite most beaultiful of Brazil.
    there have wonderful girl.

  8. Pierre:

    I’ve already been to a lot of brazilian cities! Rio, Florianopolis, Recife and Salvador are awesome!
    There’s one, however, who’s really drawn my attention: Curitiba! Fabulous restaurants, beautiful and elegant people, museums, nightclubs, etc. The public transportation is better then here in France, so you can get everywhere easily!

    Modern buildings and green area side by side! I’d definitely live there!

  9. kim:

    The marvelous city!
    for me is:
    1 Rio de Janeiro
    2 Natal
    3 Salvador
    4 Florianópolis
    5 Recife

  10. shane:

    i liked Sao Paulo. it has everything. Fantastic food and nice people. The worst city i have been to was Fortaleza. Dirty streets and beaches not to mention the people are very rude. If you are looking for friendly Brazil. Avoid Fortaleza.