Wrong or right? Posted by on Apr 25, 2010 in Grammar

If you’re an intermediate or advanced speaker of Portuguese you may have already noticed that spoken Portuguese differs a lot from written Portuguese. Some people say that many popular ways of using the language is wrong while some others say it’s simply the way that the natural evolution of the language takes.

A very popular example of it is the word “você”. Nowadays it’s considered a valid word in Brazilian Portuguese but some centuries ago it wasn’t. A common abbreviation of it is “cê” and although it’s not officially considered to be good Portuguese by the grammarians even the elite of the country uses it on every day and formal interactions.

On this week’s issue of Época magazine they talked a little about this. Click here to read the report. (In Portuguese).

Do you have any examples of Portuguese “errors” or “mistakes” that should be made official as good language?

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