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Describe Your Trip in Russian: The Beach Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in General reference article, Russian for beginners

Last time we talked about exploring Old Town attractions in Russian. This time, let us go to the beach (на пляж)! This is a popular destination for people around the world, and you may hear Russian speaking on one of the beaches.



First, what are some of the things you find at a beach?

Лежа́к (sometimes referred to as шезло́нг, although they are not identical) is a beach chair. This word comes from лежа́ть (to lie down). You may want to арендова́ть/взять в прока́т/взять в аре́нду лежа́к (rent a chair).

You will also need to bring a полоте́нце (towel). This word is etymologically related to пла́тье (dress) and плато́к (handkerchief). Finally, you could bring or rent a зо́нтик (umbrella).


Of course, you will need a купа́льник (swimsuit). It can be сли́тный (one-piece) or разде́льный (two-piece). Swim trunks are called пла́вки. As Jenya pointed out, don’t be shocked if you see a few briefs or speedos at the beach — that is the normal option for many Russian men.

Before you head into the sun, don’t forget your солнцезащи́тный крем (sunblock), known colloquially as крем от со́лнца (the л is silent). Finally, со́лнечные очки́ (sunglasses) will prevent you from squinting (щу́риться).

Those who like to snorkel (пла́вать с ма́ской) will need a ма́ска (mask) and a тру́бка (snorkel). If you are really serious about it, you will probably also use ла́сты (fins).



Some people want to show off their tan (зага́р) when they come back, so they like to загора́ть (tan). Be careful that you don’t get sunburned (сгоре́ть), though!

Others like staying active and swimming (пла́вать). Плавать is the active swimming, while купа́ться (to bathe) can mean just going in the water to splash (плеска́ться). The most skilled swimmers will also dive (ныря́ть). Children may build sandcastles (стро́ят за́мки из песка́).


The sea (мо́ре) is home to many lifeforms, including fish (ры́бы), seaweed (во́доросли), coral reefs (кора́лловые ри́фы), crabs (кра́бы), and shrimp (креве́тки). Some of the sea inhabitants are not so pleasant to run into, as is the case with the sea urchins (морско́й ёж; морски́е ежи́) or, heaven forbid, аку́лы (sharks).

What is your favo(u)rite part of a beach vacation? Do you prefer to lay out in the sun (лежа́ть на со́лнце) or splash in the water (плеска́ться в воде́)?



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